The Madeira Mamore Expedition

How The Data Was Collected

Are you researching the Philadelphia, PA area? If you are you might find some hidden treasures in the two databases I created. While reading the old newspapers and books that reported on the progress of the Collins Expedition, I continually found names, dates and stories about individuals from  Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware who participated - so I decided to make a collection of them along with the source when they appeared in print.

I was looking for one individual named Philip BOWERS who I finally found in one newspaper article about half way all the material. It wasn't much, but it confirmed his death in Brazil, which was a written family fact but without any substance, dates or narrative.

There were too many names flying by that would never be found unless someone started taking notes - and that's the short story of how this project began.

It's Time To Share

The names were added to an Excel spreadsheet and it continued to grow until I thought it was time to share it on a web site. It's a fascinating story especially when you read the newspaper articles and realize that news of events in Brazil normally took several weeks or sometimes months before it reached family and friends back in home in the US.  Much has been lost in the last 140 years and I thought it would be a valuable list for others to use.

I would love to hear from anyone who finds an ancestor or has another story to add. Just drop me a note at:

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