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Policies and Terms

This template is for evaluation purposes only. We offer this template to those who are unfamiliar with how templates work, are new to web editing software, and would like to test drive a template before purchasing one from our catalog. Specific terms and conditions apply.

Personal or Non-Profit Use: You may use this web template for one "entity." That is, you may use this web template for yourself (for evaluation or testing purposes, for example), or you may use the web template for a single web site. Using this template on more than one web site is prohibited. Our credit links must remain in place and may not be removed. You may use this template on multiple computers as long as all of them are for personal, internal, or educational use. Please refer to the full license agreement included in your original download package.

Commercial Use: Commercial use of this template is prohibited. You may use this template for evaluation or testing purposes only. We offer over 800 templates in our catalog that are more appropriate for your business.

Support policies

We take pride in offering great customer support for our templates. We make them and know best how to fix problems that may arise. There are, however, some limitations as to what we can do:

Refund policy

Our web templates are classified as software and, as such, are usually not refundable outside of our warranty as described in our License Agreement.

If you have installation problems with any product, please contact us as soon as possible. We can help resolve the issue, repackage the template, or take other measures to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

Need Help Fast?

We offer full customer support on all of our template packages. Please visit our web site at for Expression Web template packages and for Dreamweaver template packages.

We offer a variety of helpful resources available through our site. Need more? We also offer custom design services for your modification needs.