Genealogy Basics

Genealogy Basics is one of several hundred online courses you can take through the Ed2go network of colleges and universities. Enrollment is usually through your local college, university or other organization.


Genealogy Basics features a comprehensive overview for the beginner and is also an excellent refresher class for those who already have research experience.  You can read unedited student reviews and decide for yourself.  All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when lessons are released and you will have access to all lessons until the course ends.

Why An Online Course?
* Offered in a convenient six-week format
* Expert instructor who leads each course
* Engaging student discussion areas
* New sessions start monthly (see dates on left)

Other Genealogy Courses

Here are some other excellent online genealogy classes you might consider - please note that some of these do not include an instructor and are read-only Lessons.

The National Institute of Genealogical Studies has offered courses online since October 1999 and is considered the leader in genealogical education around the world. They offer over 150 individual courses which are very specific in certain areas to help you expand your knowledge. The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in affiliation with the Continuing Education, University of St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto provides web-based courses for both family historians and professional genealogists - check them out at:
There are also independent study courses that focus just on individual countries at:

The National Genealogical Society (NGS) offers classes at::
Courses on English & Welsh genealogy, Irish genealogy and Scottish genealogy available at:


Video Training For Genealogists

Genealogy Is Fun, Informative & Exciting
1 of 42 video tutorials from
 "Growing & Sharing Your Family Tree"
Why Grow Your Family Tree?
1 of 42 video tutorials from
 "Growing & Sharing Your Family Tree"
Files, Folders & Directories
1 of 55 video tutorials from
 "Computer Literacy for Windows"
Windows Live Movie Maker
1 of 33 video tutorials from
 "How Windows Live Movie Maker Works"
Internet Searching
1 of 55 video tutorials from
 "Computer Literacy for Windows"
Virus Protection
1 of 55 video tutorials from
 "Computer Literacy for Windows"
Getting Started With Scanning Your Photos
1 of 37 video tutorials from
 "Scanning & Restoring Photos"
Identifying Your Media
1 of 37 video tutorials from
 "Scanning & Restoring Photos"
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and view the others above

 You also have a choice of video players: Flash, QuickTime or Windows Media.
Look for promo's and give one a try. There also books for most of these - check
Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million or These are top quality instructional videos.
"I already learned a couple of new things just creating this web page" - Bob Moyer


Recommended Books:
"Evidence" by Elizabeth Shown Mills 
"Who Do You Think You Are" by Megan Smolenyak

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