Upper Ohio River and Town Maps 
published in 1877
(Cincinnati to Pittsburgh)

If your your ancestors name is on a map consider looking for a Will or Deed at the County Courthouse.
All the maps include landowner names for the year 1877  in high quality PDF format 
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Ohio Counties: Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Scioto, Lawrence, Gallia, Meigs, Athens, Washington, Monroe, Belmont, Jefferson, Columbiana
West Virginia Counties: Wayne, Cabell, Mason, Jackson, Wood, Pleasants, Tyler, Wetzel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, Hancock
Kentucky Counties: Boyd, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Bracken, Pendleton, Campbell & Kenton
Pennsylvania Counties: Beaver, Allegheny

Ohio River Maps: 
(the river maps include insets of many small town maps - larger towns have their own maps and are shown in the 2nd list below)

Part XVI   (7.4 mb) Indian Spring, Sweet Wine, Hohnsonville, California, East Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, Pmedleton, Dayton, Bellevue, Newport, Covington, Cincinnati
Part XXV (6.3 mb) Neville, Foster, New Richmond, Carthage, Moscow, East Columbia, Johnsonville, Motier, Judds Landing, Kennedys Landing, Point Pleasant, Bellmont, Clermontville, California, Sarvers Landing, Painters Landing, Whites Landing, New Palestine
Part XXIV (6.7 mb) Higginsport, Augusta, Utopia, Smith Landing, Rural, Tietzville, Wellsburg, Chilo, Bradford
Part XXIII (6.2 mb) Aberdeen, Levana, Chester, Woodville, Maysville, Charleston Bottom, Logans Gap, Hestoria, Ripley, Western Mills, Dover
Part XXII (6.3 mb) Manchester, Wrightsville, Concord, Stouts Landing, Carr, Stouts Bottom, Brush Creek Island, Stevensons Landing, Vineyard Hill, Diols Bottom, Norris Landing, Manchester Island, Wilsons Ferry, Sand Hill, Elm Landing, Kirkers Landing, Springdale
Part XXI (5.7 mb) Vanceburg, Rome (Stouts P.O.), Quincy, Pond Run, Buena Vista, Red Fox Landing, Rockville, Commercial Town, Fairview Landing, Samples Landing, Irish Bottom, Kenyon's Ferry Landing, Harris Landing, Sulphur Spring, Ransom's Bottom
Part XX (7.1 mb) Sciotoville, Portsmouth, East Portsmouth, Springville, Friendship, Pond Run, Wheelersburg
Part XIX (7.0 mb) Hanging Rock, Greenupsburg, Riverton, Union and Fulton Landing, Haverhill, Junior Landing, Franklin Furnace, Darolls Landing, Wheelersburg
Part XVIII (6.9 mb) Ceredo, Big Sandy River, Hampton City, Sandy City, Arigo City, Catlettsburg, Russell, Ashland, Ironton, Hanging Rock, South Point, Petersburg
Part XVII (6.7 mb) Huntington, Guyandotte, Millersport, St. Cloud, Burlington, Rockwood, Bradricksville, Granttown, Proctersville (Quakerbottom), Haskelville, Athalia, Lesage, Gardners Landing, Bowens Landing, Cox Landing 
Part XVI (6.2 mb)  Bay Bottom, Green Bottom, Crown City, Blakes Landing, Glenwwod, Bush Mills, Mercers Bottom, Apple Grove, Bladensburg, Chambersburg, Neale Landing, Racoon Island 
Part XV (5.3 mb) Gallipolis, Sheppard City, Elenipsco, Cheshire, Clipper Mills, Bailey Landing, Point Pleasant, Addison, Mackers Landing
Part XIV (3.3 mb)  Minersville, Racine, Graham Station, Condorville, West Columbia, Middleport, Clifton, Minerstown, Pomeroy, Mason City, Carletonville, Brownsville, Hartford City, Syracuse, New Haven, Elliott Landing
Part XIII   (6.7 mb) Antiquity, Plant, LeTart, Letartsville, Mt. Alto, Apple Grove, Ripley Landing, Goose Island, Willow Grove, Great Bend, Pleasantview, Ravenswood, Buffington Island
Part XII (6.6 mb) Portland, Belleville, Hockingport, Murraysville, Reedville, Muses Bottom, Morgan Landing, Coleman and Roberts Landing, Shade River, Long Bottom, Lone Cedar, Cedar Point Landing, Pond Creek, Belleville Island, Randolph Ferry Landing, Harris Ferry, Hockingport, Hockhocking River, Leoritts Landing, Mustaha Island, New England, Newburry Island
Part XI    (7.1 mb)  Lauchport, Cedarville, Newport, Newbury Island, Guthrie's and Walker's Landing, Sawyers Run, Little Hocking, Little Hocking River, Centre Belpre, Blennerhassett's Island, Belpre, Parkersburgh, Little Kanawha, Neale's Island, Bell's and Wallace's Landing, Spencer's Landing, Vienna Island, Briscoe Run, Constitution, Gravel Bank, Muskingum Island, Scotts Landing, Henderson's Landing
Part X      (7.2 mb) Williamstown, Newport, St. Marys, Marietta, Muskingum River, Harmar, Duck Creek, Kerrs Island, Davis and Comptons Landing, Little Muskingum River, Bull Creek, James Lane Landing, Lower Newport, Cow Creek Landing, Willow Island, Three Brothers Island, Newells Run, Littles Landing, Ferguson Landing, Middle Island
Part IX     (6.2 mb) Sistersville, Matamoras, Cochransville, Centerview, Grandview, Wade, Grape Island, Long Reach, Mill Creek Island, Wells Island, Tuells Ferry, Hays and Parkers Landing, Wells and Riggs Landing, Independence and Brouse's Landing, Bailey's Landing, Taylors and Hammonds Landing
Part VIII     (6.7 mb)  Baresville, Sardis, New Martinsville, Wittens, Wiiliamson's Island, Paden Island and Landing, Livly Landing, Texas, Fishing Creek, Buckhill Bottom, Proctor, Martin's and Gamble's Landing, Clarington (Sunfish)
Part VII         (6.4 mb) Clarington (Sunfish), Steinersville, Moundsville, Still House Run, Ward's and Walton's Landing, Yost's, Franklin and Suter Landing, Woodlands, Fish Creek and Fish Creek Island, Krebs and Little Run Landing, Powhattan, Industry, Captina Island, Round Bottom, Dillys Bottom, Pipe Creek and Lockwood Landing, Wegee Landing
Part VI          (8.6 mb) West Wheeling, Wheeling, Wheeling Island, Benwood, Tiltonville, Bellaire, Booges Island, Benson's Ferry, Bridgeport, Martin's Ferry, Twins Islands, Pine Island, Deep Run, Warrenton, Short Creek
Part V (7.6 mb) Warrenton, Portland Station, Short Creek, Rush Run, Beech Bottom Bar, LaGrange, Wellsburg, Mingo Junction, Mingo Island, Jeffersonville, Fisherville, Steubenville, Clarks Ferry Landing, Inglebrights Landing, Edgington, Mill Vale, Cables Landing, Hollidays Cove
Part IV (7.8 mb) New Cumberland, Newburgh, Sloan's Station, McCoys Station, Cable's Landing, Hollidays Cove, Brown's Island, Jeddo, Freeman's Landing, Saltzman Landing, Anderson Landing, Black Horse Landing, Elliotsville, Calumet, Blacks Island, New Lexington, Port Homer, Nesley's Island, Linton, Yellow Station, Baker's Island, Hamilton, Wellsville
Part III (6.9 mb) Howard Landing, McDonalds Landing, Walker's Station, Jethro, East Liverpool, Bare's Island, Dry Run, Line Island, Smiths Ferry, Glasgow (Glasgowboro), Industry, Georgetown, Georgetown Island, Rogers Ferry, Shippingport, Montgomery Island, Green Valley, Phillis Island
Part II (6.2 mb) Leetsdale, Economy, Baden, Vanport, Bellowsville, Beaver, Bridgewater, Rochester, Phillipburg, Freedom, St. Clair, Conway Station, Remington Station, Hog Island, Crew Island, Linmore Station, Legion Station, Fairoak Station, Shousetown, Deadman Island, Shields Station, Edgeworth Station, Quaker Station, Sewickley, Osburn Station, Middletown, Vancefort
Part I 
(6.5 mb) Middletown, Haysville, Ellanova Spring Station, Glenfield, Emsworth, Agnew Station, Hogs Back Island, Neville Island, Davis Island, Dixmont Station, Laurel Station, Birmingham Station, West Bellevue, Bellevue, Jacks Run Station, Verner Station, Woods Run Station, McKees Rocks, Brunot's Island, Riverside, Temperanceville, Pittsburgh and Allegheny City Wards

1889 photo of the Katie Stockdale taken near Reedsville, Ohio - note all the buggies and wagons -
click on the image above for full view (1.3 mb)

Town, City and Borough Maps:
(detail shows lots, dwellings and names)

1877 (7.8 mb) Cincinnati, Dayton, Bellevue, Newport, Covington (streets, precincts, wards etc)
1877 (3.2 mb) New Richmond & Moscow
1877 (2.8 mb) Higginsport, Neville & Point Pleasant
1877 (2.9 mb) Augusta, Foster, Tietzville &Wellsburgh
1877 (5.4 mb) Maysville, Woodville, Chester & Dover
1877 (2.7 mb) Ripley & Hestoria
1877 (3.6 mb) Vanceburg & Concord
1877 (3.0 mb) Sciotoville, Haverhill & Portsmouth (outline plan)
1877 (3.8 mb) Portsmouth Wards 1, 2, 3, 4
1877 (3.9 mb) Portsmouth Wards 5, 6
1877 (6.0 mb) Ashland, East Ashland & Howland
1877 (3.7 mb)   Catlettsburg & Ceredo
1877  (5.9 mb)   Gallipolis
1877    (5.1 mb)   Pomeroy - Wards I and II  plus New Haven
1877     (9.0 mb) Pomeroy - Wards III and IV plus Mason City
1877     (6.8 mb) Middleport, Hartford City & Brownsville
1877 (3.8 mb)   Syracuse, Carletonville & Antiquity
1877 (4.6 mb)   Belpre & Moundsville
1877 (5.9 mb)   Point Pleasant, Clifton & West Columbia
1877 (7.0 mb)   Marietta & Harmar
1877 (4.6 mb)   Huntington  (mostly street layout with a few names)
1877 (5.2 mb)   Parkersburg - Wards I, II, III, IV, V & VI
1877 (4.2 mb) Ironton, Proctorsville (QuakerBottom), Bradricksville, Burlington, Rockwood & Millersport
1877 (6.8 mb)   Bellaire
1877 (6.7 mb) Bridgeport, Powhattan and Industry
1877 (4.9 mb) Martin's Ferry
1877 (7.5 mb)  Wheeling - North
1877 (6.9 mb)  Wheeling - South
1877 (6.2 mb)   Wheeling - Island
1877 (6.1 mb) Steubenville (outline plan)
1877 (8.3 mb) Steubenville - Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus Jeffersonville & Fisherville
1877 (7.5 mb) Wellsville, Hamilton, Jethro, East Liverpool
1877 (3.4 mb) Georgetown, Shippingport, Bridgewater Borough
1877 (3.5 mb) Phillipsburg, Freedom, St. Clair, Haysville & Shousetown
1877 (3.1 mb) Rochester & Vanport
1877 (2.5 mb) Beaver
1877 (3.1 mb) Sewickly
1877 (3.6 mb) Emsworth, Glenfield and West Bellevue
1877 (3.2 mb) Bellevue and McKees Rocks
1877 (6.2 mb) Pittsburgh & Allegheny (streets, precincts, wards etc)
1872 Various Pittsburgh & Allegheny City - 40 additional maps
(landowner names on separate ward maps)
Including Boroughs of  Temperanceville, Birmingham, Saint Clair, Monongahela, 
Chartiers, Union, Sharpsburg, Ormsby, Millvale, Allentown, Mt. Washington and Etna 
Note: this set is on another web page
These maps identify wards, districts and townships and also include landowner and street names.
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Many early settlers came down the Ohio river from Pennsylvania. I've found the web site Footnote extremely helpful. New material from the Pennsylvania Archives has just been added which is now free. After the Revolutionary War many families settled in the new frontier along the Ohio River. Individuals, as well as their descendants, claimed their service pensions in the form of land grants in the new territories in the Ohio River Valley.

. . . some documents are free . . . others are by membership . . . and the original records are excellent quality . . . 
Some of the Pension Applications read like a family tree
- here's an example I found


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