Meigs County Maps

Meigs County Atlas Maps of 1877


Project Overview Map
1877 Atlas Cover

Town Maps 
Includes ownership and building locations as they existed in 1877

Ohio  West Virginia
Middleport - Coalport (5 Wards)   New Haven (Mason County)
Pomeroy - 1st Ward   (Welshtown-Minersville   to  Old Buckeye Salt Works) Mason City (Mason County)
Pomeroy - 2nd Ward  (Old Buckeye Salt Works   to   Naylor's Run) Graham Station (Mason County)
Pomeroy - 3rd Ward   (Naylor's Run   to   Ebenezer St-Monkey Run) Belleville (Wood County)
Pomeroy - 4th Ward   (Ebenezer St-Monkey Run   to   Middleport-Coalport) Murraysville (Jackson County)
Minersville Ravenswood (Jackson County)
Letart Falls [Letartsville]
Hockingport (Athens County, OH)


River Maps  
These maps show land owners and buildings on both the sides of the river - OH and WV - as they existed in 1877.  
The letters "C x P", shown in the center of the river, refer to "miles to Cincinnati" and "miles to Pittsburgh")

Atlas Part XIV - Meigs County/Gallia County Line (Middleport) to Racine

Ohio  West Virginia
Carlton - Silver Run - Leading Creek Lakin - Hallwood - West Columbia
Middleport Clifton
Pomeroy Mason City
Minersville Brownsville
Carletonville Hartford City
Syracuse New Haven
Racine Grahams Station


Atlas Part XIII - Racine to Buffington Island 

Ohio  West Virginia
Buffington Island Little Sandy Creek
Ground Hog Run Turkey Run - Ravenswood North
Sand Creek Island Sand Creek - Ravenswood South
Bicknell Chapel Cedar Run - Pleasant View Landing
Great Bend - Old Town Creek Worth Bottom
Saxton - Tanners Run Willow Grove Landing - Estar
Goose Island - Mikes Run Ripley Landing - Big Mill Creek  
Apple Grove Little Mill Creek - Millwood - Mt. Alto
OK Landing - Alexander Landing Tumbleson Run - Letart Island
Letart Falls - Letartsville Letart - Spring Run
Tuppers Run - Plants - Antiquity Two Mile Creek - West Creek


Atlas Part XII - Buffington Island to Meigs/Athens County Line

Ohio  West Virginia
Hockingport - Indian Run - Sugarcamp Run Harris Ferry
Eden - Sugar Run Lee Creek
Reedsville - Randolph Ferry Landing Belleville
Cedar Point Landing Pond Creek - Lone Cedar
Forked Run Lone Cedar - Bull Run - Neptune
Long Bottom Murraysville
Shade River - Dewitts Run Robinson Run - Robinson Landing - Polk
Hazel (Hazael) Coleman Landing - Muses Bottom - Morgan Landing
Portland Gunners Run - Skull Run


These maps are not in my possession.  I have used images in a file format called MrSid (*.sid) which requires a special viewer.
After enlarging each image, I use a screen capture utility to separate images for larger viewing and indexing. There is enough overlap between maps that they can be printed and pieced together if needed. Printing them may be easier for reading as the handwriting, although very beautiful, twists and turns with the course of the river. 

Most towns and communities with streets have their own atlas maps which basically cover the entire town inland away from the river as it existed in 1877.  There are also river maps showing property owners and buildings on both sides of the river, but these do not go inland as far as the town maps. I'm not sure the color shadings  yellow, red and green actually have any significance other than just to divide up sections of the maps.  The river maps cover areas adjacent to the river but occasionally do go as much as a mile or so, inland.  Town maps, however, are usually complete and show:

*land owner names (but not all 'lot' owners)
*locations of salt wells and coal banks
*manufacturing names and wharfs
*locations and names of churches and schools
*road and street names
*names of the Creeks and Runs
*cemetery locations
*location of buildings on both lots and tracts of land
*. . . . . . all as they existed in the year 1877 . . . . . .
*these might answer some of your questions about where you ancestors lived

The Project:
We have indexed and separated all the maps along the Ohio River from the Meigs/Gallia county line to the Meigs/Athens County line so they are easily viewed and printable on the web.  Please let me know if this project is helpful  What might be very useful to researchers would be for a volunteer to index the names written on these maps.  If done in MS Excel, they could be sorted and used in a variety of ways. If anyone would like to tackle this, please let me know and I can provide some sort of template for you to use.  Because the written names on the maps are part of an image, they will not be found using an Internet search until they are shown as typed text in database or list and posted on the Internet and that would be very helpful.

About the maps:
These extremely detailed maps are from an illustrated 1877 Atlas of the Upper Ohio River and Valley from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Cincinnati, Ohio, drawn by E. L. Hayes. They are some of the most extraordinary county atlas's produced in the 19th century showing hand colored lithographs of tracts, buildings, ownership, lot numbers, etc, and were published in Philadelphia by Titus, Simmons & Titus in 1877. The original high resolution scans are by David Rumsey Cartographers

Meigs Treasures - 1850 - 1900:
Here are a few rare finds that you probably won't find elsewhere - please take a look

The complete collection of maps I've assembled is also available on CD. 
Please e-mail for specifics on acquiring a copy.
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