From the history of the "Stoneman", a short historical sketch was written about the Civil War and the "Soldiers Relief Association of Pomeroy", started April 13, 1862 (Fort Sumter Day). During this period the women of the South began to organize their own volunteer groups such as the Ladies' Soldiers' Relief Society and the Association for the Relief of Maimed Soldiers.

When Richmond was taken and the soldiers returned home, there was no longer the sick or suffering to be relieved and on August 5, 1965, the Relief Association was reorganized and became the Meigs County Soldiers Monument Association.  Active members in this effort included among others,  Mrs. M. Heckard and Miss Mary Heckard, who later married Dr. George Huntington.  For the next 5 years the Association raised money for the monument and a corner stone was laid on Decoration Day, 1870, amid much pomp and circumstance. The monument was eventually unveiled on Tuesday, Oct 17, 1871.  Soldiers names were added on plaques around the base in 1895 as shown on the last picture at right. 

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County    Meigs
City    Pomeroy
Location    Courthouse lawn, West Second St. & Court St.
Date    October 17, 1871
Description    "Western Soldier on Guard" is a cavalry officer seated on three logs. He is holding a rifle and his right foot rests on a cannon. Metal plates on base list names of 505 soldiers from Meigs County who were casualties of the Civil War.
Inscription    "In memory of the soldiers of Meigs County: 1861 1866/'Their Country asked their lives, Their lives they gave.'"
Sculptor    Thomas Dow Jones
Owner    City of Pomeroy
Composition    Statue & Base: sandstone
Size    Statue: 7' Base: 18'