Transcription of 1857 School Examiners questions
for applicants asking to teach in Meigs County, Ohio

Blue words are not part of the original transcription

The following questions were proposed for written answers:

1.  Which is the longest peninsula in the world?

2.  In the approach of a ship from sea, what part of the vessel will you first see? and why?

3.  What waters are connected and lands separated by the Behring Strait?

4.  Which is the largest sea known and what does it separate?  Where is there neither latitude nor longitude?

5.  Which is the largest city on the Western Continent?

6.. What course and through what waters will you sail in a voyage from Mobile to Valparaiso?

7.  If you go south beyond the equator, the north star will sink below the horizon. What is the cause of this phenomenon?

1.  What is the difference between notation and numeration?

2. Upon what depends the value of any figure?

3. What number multiplied by 6 will make 2058?

4. The hour and minute hands of a watch are exactly together at 12 o'clock.  When are they next together?

5. How many yards of carpeting, 1-1/2 yards wide, will cover a floor 21 feet-3 inches long and 13 feet-6 inches wide?

6. What is the effect of multiplying the denominator of a fraction?

7. Reduce 15 hours 30 minutes 15 seconds, to the decimal of a day.

8.  What principal at 8 per cent, will gain $16.66 in 21 months?

Grammar  (parse means what part of speech, ie diagram the sentence)
1. What is a simple sentence?

2. What is the difference between a personal pronoun and a relative (pronoun)?

3. Two gases, oxygen and nitrogen, form the atmosphere. Parse oxygen and nitrogen.

4. How can you tell what part of speech any word is?

5. Neither Mary or George went. Correct - give the reason and parse went.

6. The sun rising, we set sail. Parse sun.

7. Teach me what is truth. Parse each word of the sentence.

8. Why did he do so? Parse the sentence.

Orthography  (orthography is the science of correct spelling)
1. Spoonful, yacht, sketch, skyey, pyrotechnic, police, various, remitting

Members of the board present
M. Heckard and J. M. Evans

Interesting note for Grammar Question 5:  
M. Heckard was Pomeroy's Judge Martin Heckard and his children were Mary and George